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Company Profile

G.PL.G co.Ltd. is a Bangkok based Thai company established in 1999

with international customers and suppliers. Our Company is a certified member of

Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association. We are specialized in designing and

manufacturing of finest quality jewelry. Based on extensive research G.PL.G developed

a unique product line with a brand called in 2010.

 offers an authentic reproduction of the Ancient Egyptian Arts which are

admired by the visitors from all over the world in the famous Museum of Cairo.

The designs are the exact replica of the artifacts of King Tutankhamen collection

that dates to 1300 B.C. Thecollection comprises pieces of jewelry and

artifacts for home decoration. In our shop, we present our products in a setting that

is very similar to their original pieces in the Museum of Cairo.


Our jewels are made in our own factory in Bangkok-Rama II and made of

18K gold filld; 18K gold plated over Sterling silver (925). They are hand enameled

and are set with natural Turquoise, Lapiz Lazulit and/or Red Carnelian (Natural Agate).

Our home decor artifacts are hand painted and hand engraved by skilled Egyptian

artis who perfectly replicate the work of their ancestors.


In, you feel the secrets and legacies of the Ancient Egypt through its impressive

artworks. These products leads you back to the world of pharaohs. Every piece is special

in its meaning. The motif and elegance will never fade in every generation may come,

because of its splendid art, its history and the mystery lying beneath them.